Dr. Hans Diehl, a well-known health professional and one of the world's top epidemiologists, says that the human body is the "Ultimate Design Miracle." The body can heal itself when given the proper nutrients and good lifestyle habits.

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The Fraser Valley is a diverse and exciting place to live. I have personally lived and worked here for over 30 years within the health and lifestyle industry. This region's cultural and religious diversities call for a unique and tailored whole-person approach. The experience I have gained during these many years has taught me that a significant part of our health comes by choice, not by chance. While DNA and hereditary tendencies have their role, they do not have the final say.

Here is what we know: disease comes from poor hygiene habits, intemperance, heredity, and many other daily choices. To protect or repair our bodies from sickness and disease, we must understand how our body works. An excellent resource that has proven the test of time is to follow the eight health laws. So, what are these laws of health?

There is a program I have utilized within my practice that covers these eight health laws called NEWSTART. When we understand these laws and follow what they recommend, they become the tools for the prevention and restoration of our health and the healing of our minds.

NUTRITION: Eating a well-balanced diet, avoiding processed and fast foods, and choosing a whole food plant-based diet are very important to good health.

EXERCISE: 4 / 40-minute walks a week have been shown to reverse heart disease along with a good diet, combat stress, and help restore sweet sleep.

WATER: Water is the most essential nutrient our bodies need. 6-8 glasses a day is ideal, but more is sometimes necessary. I use a formula to personalize the amount each individual needs. Take your weight in pounds, divide it in half, and that's how many ounces your body needs per day. One important recommendation for my clients is to drink two (2) cups of warm water daily before breakfast.

SUNSHINE: Every living thing depends on the sun. Without sunshine, nothing could live. Sunlight can destroy harmful bacteria and invigorate us, positively benefiting our mental health. I recommend taking time each day to sunbathe. Remember not to take in too much at once. Start with 2 minutes at a time, and as often as possible, follow what Dr. Zane Kime recommends in his book, Sunlight.

TEMPERANCE: It means to have moderation or self-restraint, also called self-control. Another description is the total avoidance of certain substances or activities. "In order to preserve health, temperance in all things is necessary - temperance in labour, temperance in eating, and drinking." How to Live, p. 57. The rule for my life in this category is if the detriment outweighs the benefit, I don't eat, drink, take into my body, or do an activity that could be harmful, no matter how pleasant it may appear.

AIR: Every cell of your body must receive a constant supply of oxygen, or they will weaken and die. Without oxygen, death occurs within four to six minutes. However, fresh air provides you with the most benefit. When you breathe stale or polluted air, the oxygen supply is insufficient to keep the cells strong and healthy. Always sleep with your window open when the weather allows. Deep breathing is a necessary remedy to bring relaxation to mind and body.

REST: On average, an adult requires between 7-9 hours of sleep each night. A healthy balance between work and play in our lives will bring about better rest to our bodies and allow them to repair and grow healthier. A GO-GO attitude often leads many to nervous breakdowns and anxiety.

TRUST IN GOD: Our bodies have been made by a divine creator, who has given us the mental capacity to know what is right and wrong in caring for this unique 'Design Miracle.' When we follow these eight health laws, our bodies and minds have all they need to survive and live a higher quality of life. A healthy body and balanced lifestyle are the best weapons to fight chronic degenerative diseases and live our best. Good health is a choice. Make it your choice!


Written by
Sheila Wajsen, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, LC, MH, Public Speaker





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