Real Estate Recap: April 2019

By Varing Group | May 14, 2019

REAL ESTATE RECAP April 2019 Here’s a quick summary of current events affecting Fraser Valley real estate. Anniedale-Tynehead Clears Another Hurdle Last night, Surrey’s City Council approved a development application that will start servicing the large mass of undeveloped land in Anniedale-Tynehead. Port Kells residents packed City Hall and erupted in applause when it was…

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Invest in BC 2019 | Special Report – In the News: BC Business

By Varing Group // May 9, 2019

INVEST IN BC 2019 IN THE NEWS: BCBusiness Invest in BC – 2019 Special Report Featured within the May 2019…

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Resolving the Lower Mainland Liveability Crisis – Western Investor

By Varing Group // Apr 26, 2019

RESOLVING THE LOWER MAINLAND LIVEABILITY CRISIS WESTERN INVESTOR Bold moves needed now to resolve Lower Mainland livability crisis Projected population…

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Real Estate Recap: March 2019

By Varing Group // Apr 16, 2019

REAL ESTATE RECAP MARCH 2019 Here’s a quick summary of current events affecting Fraser Valley real estate. MOTION DEFEATED Surrey…

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Temporary Development Freeze Along SkyTrain Route – In the News: CBC

By Varing Group // Apr 10, 2019

TEMPORARY DEVELOPMENT FREEZE ALONG FRASER HWY IN THE NEWS: cbc Surrey councillor calls for temporary development freeze along new SkyTrain…

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Varing Magazine 2019 Released

By Varing Group // Mar 15, 2019

VARING MAGAZINE 2019 RELEASED After an amazing reception of our last magazine, there was some anticipation and inquiries as to…

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Landowners Await Payday in Port Kells – In the News: Western Investor

By Varing Group // Feb 22, 2019

LANDOWNERS AWAIT PAYDAY IN PORT KELLS IN THE NEWS: Western Investor Landowners await payday in Port Kells Fourteen years after…

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Real Estate Recap: Feb. 2019

By Varing Group // Feb 14, 2019

REAL ESTATE RECAP FEBRUARY 2019 This year has been off to an eventful start. Here’s a quick summary of some…

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Interest Rate Remains Unchanged

By Varing Group // Dec 5, 2018

INTEREST RATE REMAINS UNCHANGED As many had predicted, the Bank of Canada has erred on the side of caution this…

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Abbotsford Business Excellence Awards – 2018 Winner

By Varing Group // Nov 29, 2018

BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARDS ABBOTSFORD 2018 ABBOTSFORD BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2018 Consumer Services Excellence (1-5 Employees) Winner: Varing Marketing Group We…

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Newton Businesses Won’t Give Up on LRT – In the News: CBC

By Varing Group // Nov 1, 2018

NEWTON BUSINESSES WON’T GIVE UP ON LRT IN THE NEWS: CBC Businesses in Surrey’s Newton area won’t give up on…

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The Credit Cycle’s Impact on Real Estate Prices

By Varing Group // Oct 11, 2018

THE CREDIT CYCLE’S IMPACT ON REAL ESTATE PRICES There are many factors that impact real estate prices, but ultimately, it…

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Annual Rent Increase Rate Reduced to 2.5%

By Varing Group // Sep 27, 2018

ANNUAL RENT INCREASE RATE REDUCED TO 2.5% After many debates and push back against the prospect of a 4.5% rental…

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Young Guns 2018 – Featured: Real Estate Professional Mag

By Varing Group // Sep 18, 2018

YOUNG GUNS FEATURED: REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL MAGAZINE Young Guns 2018 Joe Varing / Homelife Glenayre Realty Company Ltd. Joe Varing has been…

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Real Estate Recap: Sept. 2018

By Varing Group // Sep 13, 2018

REAL ESTATE RECAP SEPTEMBER 2018 There’s been a few updates to real estate topics we’ve talked about in previous articles…

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Foreign Buyers Disappearing From Market

By Varing Group // Aug 23, 2018

FOREIGN BUYERS DISAPPEARINGFROM MARKET It’s been heard by everyone, whether on the news, at your coffee shop or thrown around…

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Uncertainty Surrounding Surrey’s LRT

By Varing Group // Aug 10, 2018

UNCERTAINTY SURROUNDING SURREY’S LRT With many varying opinions surrounding Surrey’s plans for the proposed Light Rail Transit (LRT) system, its…

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The Fraser Valley Land Rush – In the News: Western Investor BC

By Varing Group // Jul 26, 2018

THE FRASER VALLEY LAND RUSH IN THE NEWS: WESTERN INVESTOR BC Industrial and residential demand spurs Fraser Valley land rush…

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Bank of Canada Raises Interest Rates to 1.5%

By Varing Group // Jul 11, 2018

BANK OF CANADA RAISES INTEREST RATES TO 1.5% Here we go again. Another key interest rate hike from Bank of…

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Canadian Real Estate Association Lowers Their 2018 Sales Forecast

By Varing Group // Jun 28, 2018

CANADIAN REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION LOWERS THEIR 2018 SALES FORECAST The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) has revisited their sales forecasts…

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B.C. Government Aims to Reveal Real Estate’s ‘Hidden Owners’

By Varing Group // Jun 22, 2018

B.C. TO REVEAL REAL ESTATE’S HIDDEN OWNERS B.C.’s government is planning to reveal individuals behind property-owning shell companies and trusts…

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