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Featured Agent: Joe Varing

We are incredibly grateful to have been recognized as the Real Estate Leader of the Year. Our success is entirely attributed to our clients and our team. We are committed to continuously improving our services. We are here for the long haul, from start to finish and beyond!

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With a passion for real estate ignited at the age of 21, Joe Varing has spent the past 19 years mastering the intricacies of the industry. His remarkable journey led him to specialize in development and investment land, establishing a formidable presence in the Fraser Valley, spanning from Surrey to Chilliwack. Joe, along with his dedicated team at Varing Marketing Group, has honed a distinctive approach that combines targeted marketing, strategic advice, and a commitment to client-centric values.

The Journey to Specialization:

Joe embarked on a professional journey with the vision of contributing to the thriving real estate market in the Fraser Valley. Driven by his foresight of the area’s potential for growth, he made a strategic decision to specialize in the sale of development land and investments. By carving out this particular niche, he was able to play a pivotal role in maximizing property values for landowners and simultaneously contribute to the region’s ongoing development.

Distinguishing Varing Marketing Group:

Varing Marketing Group stands out in the market through its targeted marketing approach and client-focused strategies. The team, driven by core values of Relentless Ambition, Pursuing Greatness, Relationship Driven, and Over Deliver, employs a two-pronged strategy that emphasizes personalized outreach. This approach consistently delivers exceptional results, setting the group apart in the competitive real estate landscape.

Living Core Values:

In daily operations, Joe and his team embody core values such as Relentless Ambition, Pursuing Greatness, Relationship Driven, and Over Deliver. This commitment translates into a culture of excellence, with a focus on going above and beyond to create lasting, relationship-driven connections with clients.

Looking to the Future:

As Joe reflects on the future, he envisions maintaining the core principles that have brought Varing Marketing Group to its current position of prominence. The prospect of contributing to the continued growth of the Fraser Valley and evolving with the real estate industry excites him. The team’s commitment to excellence, client satisfaction, and a forward-thinking approach positions them to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.



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