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Mortgage Stress Tests Get a Little Easier

MORTGAGE STRESS TESTS GET A LITTLE EASIER Canadian’s get a slight break as the interest rate used for mortgage stress tests is cut for the first time since 2016. The mortgage qualifying rate had its first increase July 2017 and continued to increase until it was locked in at 5.34% in May 2018. The new…

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The Benefits of Using a Land Specialist

THE BENEFITS OF USING A LAND SPECIALIST. Have you ever considered selling your land without an agent? We’ve compiled a list of benefits that might make you reconsider. With real estate becoming more complicated, working with a land specialist could be your best option. #1:  Market Knowledge A good Realtor who is specialized in land is…

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Dirt to Development

The development process requires careful planning and attention to detail. A variety of detailed steps and review procedures are in place to ensure safe and responsible construction, while also taking into account the city’s future vision to create a cohesive community. The process varies slightly from city to city, but in general, it consists of…

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Interest Rates: What does it mean for you?

The hot topic of Canada’s new interest rates has been stirring some questions for many Canadians. When a change like this takes place, its effects trickle down to nearly everyone. The question we at Varing and many others are wondering is; “how does this affect the real estate market?” For those of you that haven’t…

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How to Qualify a Top Realtor

HOW TO QUALIFY A TOP REALTOR Qualifying your realtor has never been more important. The spike in market activity has caused a surge in the number of working realtors, many of whom are inexperienced and trying to capitalize by venturing into different avenues. So, how do you determine what realtor to work with and who…

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