Top Real Estate Agent in British Columbia: 2022

TOP AGENT RECOGNITION BRITISH COLUMBIA: 2022 Top Agent Magazine The Top Agent Magazine Canada edition features the best real estate agents, brokers, and industry partners throughout Canada. Winner: Varing Marketing Group- Joe Varing We are incredibly grateful to have been selected as one of the best real estate agents in British Columbia. A big thank you to…

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Varing Magazine 2022: Unleashing Your Potential

Unleashing Your Potential By: Varing marketing team Unleashing you potential As the great Nelson Mandela said, “There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” Varing Magazine | Varing Marketing Group Imagine doing what you love every day, doing things that…

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Building Positive Relationships with Municipalities – Michael von Hausen

David and Goliath

Building Positive Relationships with Municipalities Collaboration with Michael von Hausen We are happy to share that we had the privilege of speaking with Michael von Hausen to discuss his take on building relationships with municipalities. With our 17 years of commitment to the industry and depth of knowledge working with land owners and developers, we…

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Securing Financing: Canadian Western Bank Feature

Securing Financing Advice for Developers and Investors Canadian Western Bank | Puneet Agrawal What challenges are developers and builders facing while trying to secure financing? For development sites, the main challenge is the timing of purchase contract dates versus city approval delays. The timing gap between the date of property purchase and the point at…

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Varing Magazine: Principal Residence Tax Tips

principal residence tax tips by manning_elliott

PRINCIPAL RESIDENCE TAX TIPS Varing Magazine article PRINCIPAL RESIDENCE TAX TIPS One of the largest tax breaks Canadians have is the ability to claim the principal residence exemption (“PRE”) on the sale of their homes. The principal residence exemption provides a homeowner with an exemption from tax on the capital gain realized when they sell…

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Dirty Little Secrets Surround Cleaning up the Dirt – In the News: Western Investor

Dirty little secrets surround cleaning up the dirt IN THE NEWS: Western Investor Dirty little secrets surround cleaning up the dirt Extensive, expensive – and mandatory – environmental studies for real estate development can be arbitrarily overruled by city planners, leading to delays and reductions for private landowners Western Investor | Frank O’Brien June 2020 Virtually…

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