Development Costs for Land Development

Projected Development Costs for 2020

By Varing Group | February 20, 2020

PROJECTED DEVELOPMENT COSTS FOR 2020 Building a budget for your upcoming real estate project Understanding the development costs and trends The development costs for an upcoming real estate project includes more than labour and material costs. For instance, development costs can be affected by global and local economic conditions, market trends, and advances in building…

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The Credit Cycle’s Impact on Real Estate Prices

By Varing Group // Oct 11, 2018

THE CREDIT CYCLE’S IMPACT ON REAL ESTATE PRICES There are many factors that impact real estate prices, but ultimately, it…

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Annual Rent Increase Rate Reduced to 2.5%

By Varing Group // Sep 27, 2018

ANNUAL RENT INCREASE RATE REDUCED TO 2.5% After many debates and push back against the prospect of a 4.5% rental…

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Young Guns 2018 – Featured: Real Estate Professional Mag

By Varing Group // Sep 18, 2018

YOUNG GUNS FEATURED: REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL MAGAZINE Young Guns 2018 Joe Varing / Homelife Glenayre Realty Company Ltd. Joe Varing has been…

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Real Estate Recap: Sept. 2018

By Varing Group // Sep 13, 2018

REAL ESTATE RECAP SEPTEMBER 2018 There’s been a few updates to real estate topics we’ve talked about in previous articles…

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Foreign Buyers Disappearing From Market

By Varing Group // Aug 23, 2018

FOREIGN BUYERS DISAPPEARINGFROM MARKET It’s been heard by everyone, whether on the news, at your coffee shop or thrown around…

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Uncertainty Surrounding Surrey’s LRT

By Varing Group // Aug 10, 2018

UNCERTAINTY SURROUNDING SURREY’S LRT With many varying opinions surrounding Surrey’s plans for the proposed Light Rail Transit (LRT) system, its…

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The Fraser Valley Land Rush – In the News: Western Investor BC

By Varing Group // Jul 26, 2018

THE FRASER VALLEY LAND RUSH IN THE NEWS: WESTERN INVESTOR BC Industrial and residential demand spurs Fraser Valley land rush…

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Bank of Canada Raises Interest Rates to 1.5%

By Varing Group // Jul 11, 2018

BANK OF CANADA RAISES INTEREST RATES TO 1.5% Here we go again. Another key interest rate hike from Bank of…

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Canadian Real Estate Association Lowers Their 2018 Sales Forecast

By Varing Group // Jun 28, 2018

CANADIAN REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION LOWERS THEIR 2018 SALES FORECAST The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) has revisited their sales forecasts…

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B.C. Government Aims to Reveal Real Estate’s ‘Hidden Owners’

By Varing Group // Jun 22, 2018

B.C. TO REVEAL REAL ESTATE’S HIDDEN OWNERS B.C.’s government is planning to reveal individuals behind property-owning shell companies and trusts…

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Is a Price Correction for the Market on its Way?

By Varing Group // Jun 7, 2018

A PRICE CORRECTION ON ITS WAY The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver released its data reports as May 2018…

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Mayor Jack Froese Engages Brookswood

By Varing Group // May 11, 2018

MAYOR FROESE ENGAGES BROOKSWOOD For our 2018 Varing Magazine, we met with mayor of Township of Langley, Jack Froese, to…

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Featured: Home & Land – Vancouver to Whistler

By Varing Group // Apr 18, 2018

Featured: HOME & LAND MAGAZINE – VANCOUVER TO WHISTLER WE SELL DIRT. Like their slogan says, Varing Marketing Group (VMG)…

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2017-2018 Market Review

By Varing Group // Mar 19, 2018

2017-2018 MARKET REVIEW 2017 2017 was another record-breaking year in terms of sales volume, as well as price. After the…

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Varing Magazine 2018 Released

By Varing Group // Mar 2, 2018

VARING MAGAZINE 2018 LAND IS THE NEW GOLD After an amazing reception of our last magazine, there was some anticipation…

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B.C. Budget 2018 – 30 Point Housing Plan

By Varing Group // Feb 20, 2018

2018 BC BUDGET: 30-POINT HOUSING PLAN After a long period of uncertainty surrounding the policies of the newly appointed NDP…

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The Benefits of Using a Land Specialist

By Varing Group // Feb 2, 2018

THE BENEFITS OF USING A LAND SPECIALIST. Have you ever considered selling your land without an agent? We’ve compiled a…

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Interest Rates: The Highest Percentage Since 2009

By Varing Group // Jan 17, 2018

INTEREST RATE UPDATE: THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE SINCE 2009 After reviewing economic data and the effects of last year’s interest rate…

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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

By Varing Group // Dec 22, 2017

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM ALL OF US AT VARING During this holiday season…  Our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have…

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VMG CARES/ Best for Babies

By Varing Group // Dec 4, 2017

VMG CARES BEST FOR BABIES Did you know… Best for Babies is a free Pregnancy Outreach Program funded by the Public…

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